April 13, 2019

"A Golden Sturdy Book of Counting" written & illustrated by Helen Federico (1969)

HELEN FEDERICO (1921 - 2012) had a long career as a graphic designer, painter and illustrator. A talented and directed young artist, Federico graduated from Parsons School of Design. She worked for the Abbott Kimball advertising co., where she met her future husband, art director Gene Federico. They were married June 26, 1942. Helen worked at I. Miller shoes, assisting Alexey Brodovich, known for introducing modern graphic design to the U.S., and was associate art director under Paul Rand at William H. Weintraub Co. Federico moved to Pound Ridge, New York, in 1951, where she worked as an independent illustrator, painter and graphic designer. Clients included MOMA, IBM, Doubleday, Glamour, Fortune. Specializing in gouache and acryllics, she created scores of beautiful paintings. She wrote and illustrated children's books and illustrated cookbooks. She was a former trustee of Hiram Halle Memorial Library (Pound Ridge).

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